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We write your bio, short or long,
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o you need a short bio (or large bio), written quickly and professionally? Perhaps you're a musician needing a great profile to get more gigs? Or you're a manager of a company that needs short bios of its board of directors? Or you're someone who just wants to toot his or her horn and tell the world "I'm Here!" ...Well, you've come to the right place.

      People often come to the "Godfather of the short bio" (that's Steve Berent, our chief, the main editor) and say, "I need you to write my bio or profile, but I've got a bunch of information about myself, and I don't know where to start." And then they say...

Write My Biography — Please! ...and FAST!

First, we get the information the client wants us to have and that we need to make a great bio (we make it easy to submit your info with our "Contact Us" Form — or we get the information from you directly over the phone). And then we cull it down to the most precise and effective wording to make the client's project, business, or talent stand out, without being cluttered with extraneous facts.

You don't need to pay until you've spoken to the writer and we've proven to you that we're going to get you an outstanding bio made exactly like you want it. Then, we make it easy for you to pay (either via toll-free 800/589-1022 or via our online order-form or PayPal) with prices that are pleasantly low.

      So, we write your bio, we write your profile, we write your autobiography, we write your book, we write your about page...we write whatever you need! We are your bio writers!

Joining forces with StarMemoirs, our parent company, we've created ShortBios!

Even though ShortBios is the only biography writing/editing the solution to how to write your biography, autobiography, or short profilecompany on the Internet especially devoted to writing your short bio of a few paragraphs to a few pages in length, THAT'S NOT ALL WE DO....

        ... Using the remarkable talents of the StarMemoirs writers and editors, ShortBios has become one of the most respected and most reasonably priced full-service biography writing/editing companies on the Internet, dedicated not only to writing short profiles and bios but also to TELLING YOUR LIFE STORY as well as PROMOTING YOURSELF, YOUR COMPANY, OR PROJECT!

"From short bios to full-length biographies and memoirs, ShortBios provides every kind of  biography-writing/editing service  for compiling, writing, ghostwriting, revising, editing, and/or proofreading of short, medium and full-size biographies!"

So let us write your biography — write your autobiography — write your life story — today!

Writing a biography — writing your biography — has never been easier...with ShortBios Biography Writing Service!

     All you need to do is check out our low prices (here), and if you have any questions, just use our "Contact Us" Form or call us...any 800/589-1022. Once you start, we do the rest...

     "Short and to the point" is the rule we use for making your short biography dazzling. That prescription may seem simple...because it is simple: clear, concise, plain language, presented in a compelling way that promotes what you want to promote to the people whom you need to impress.

     Actually, writing a biography, writing a short bio, is not quite that simple. And that's why we're here: to get your short bio (or long bio) written quickly ... and professionally.

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   We've helped polish the bios of realty staff at Don Sebastian's real estate company, Sebastian Co. Real Estate, established in 1929 in Chicago. [more]

   We helped South Carolina State Senator James Lewis with editing his inspirational biography, Evidence Not Destroyed, which he's been promoting all around the country. [more]








  Wall Street Journal,  March 12, 2013
   "ShortBios is a solid company... [They] produce excellent bios for a diverse base of customers."

  American Bios,  June 2013
   " didn't invent short bios, but there's no one else on the Internet that...produces such high quality bios..."

  more endorsements here







e write the short bio or profile — a.k.a. work bio, business bio, personal profile — brief biographies for your business or personal use, for marketing, promoting, or just communicating with friends and family, or for applying for a new job; for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites as well as for your own websites, About pages, introductions, employee documentation, etc.




    A few of our bio specialties:

     Artist Bios

We write bios for artists, photographers, designers, and other creative artists

     Athlete Bios

We write athlete bios, coach bios, and bios for the sports industry

     Author Bios

We write bios for authors, publishers, and others in the publishing field

     Clergy Bios

We write bios for clergy of all religions and faiths

     Doctor and Lawyer Bios

We write bios for doctors, nurses, lawyers, and others in the healthcare, medical and legal professions

     Entertainer Bios

We write entertainer bios for actors, directors, producers, agents, etc. (in film, TV, theatre, and other performing arts)

     Musician Bios

We write music bios for musicians, singers, composers, producers, etc. (for rock bands, rap artists, pop, piano, orchestra, opera, etc.)

     Official Bios

We write bios for political and government officials and other civil servants as well as politicians running for public office

     Police, Fire and Military Bios

We write police, fireman, and military bios and other bios for the security and emergency services professions

     Professional Bios

We write bios for business executives and other professionals and entrepreneurs

     Realtor Bios

We write realtor bios for real estate newbies, professionals and realty businesses

     Teacher Bios

We write bios for teachers, professors, scholars, scientists, and other educators in the academic and scientific communities





e also edit and update pre-existing bios and profiles as well as write or edit books, scripts, screenplays, articles, press releases, and other material, short or long. We also offer do-it-yourself bio templates.



     We're not only short bio (and long biography) editors!

     Over the years, we've also acquired a staff that can edit, write, research, critique, market, transcribe, or translate almost any kind of writing, from articles, ebooks, and speeches to books, novels, screenplays, and technical manuals.

     In short, if you need writing or editing, we can do it!  (details).  Also check out our Studionotes Screenwriting Critique.