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Executive Projects – Personal or Professional 

In addition to our Short Bio Writing Service (and Life Story BioBooklet Services), we offer a full range of writing and editing for anything you need in order to promote yourself, your projects, business, organization, team, band, including business plans, presentations, press kits, speeches, websites, articles, memorials, campaigns… whatever and however many pages it is.

We also edit and update pre-existing bios and profiles as well as write or edit books, scripts, articles, press releases, and other material, short or long.

Over the years, we’ve also acquired a staff that can edit almost any kind of writing, from articles and ebooks to technical manuals and books.

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See examples below.



Some of Our Most Prominent Executive Writing Projects  (Click links below to see WebBook version of each document.)

   Alan Guggenheim – Executive Introduction (9 pages)
   Mrs. Richard G. Rockefeller – Philanthropy Biography (5 pages)
   Eugene DuPont IV – Introduction & Family History (7 pages)
   Chief Mrs. Chinwe Ngonadi – Memorial (5 pages)
   StoryCraft New Edition Student Guidebook (31 pages)

More Examples of Our Executive Writing Projects  (Click images for full view.)

   Tactical One Security – Capability Statement (customized description with customized logo )
   A.O.N. Construction – Business Flyer (customized description with customized logo effect)

Here is an example of one of the Promotional Manuals we wrote and designed for the accomplished Music Professor and Musician Mary Anne Donat:  (Click here for WebBook Version.)

Here is an example of an Entertainer Brochure we wrote and designed for Ecko Records recording artist Ms. Jody:

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Our Longer Bio Writing & Editing Services 

Short, Medium, or Large — any size bio, biography, autobiography, memoirs, life story!  Whatever you need to tell your story, or to promote yourself or your project …


Our StarMemoirs team of accomplished writers, executives, and historians — led by biographer Steve Berent — is dedicated to helping people promote themselves and to telling their life stories. We write/edit your biography quickly, professionally, and always within your budget!

From advising people how to collect the information they need for a short bio or an entire life history, to helping people to expand or improve their biographical document (for example, MS Word document, audio-tape, etc.), our StarMemoirs service compiles, revises, edits and/or proofreads all kinds of biographies, from 1 paragraph to 1000 pages!


Whether you have a brief story or an entire biography, or a promotional bio you need written about yourself, or even some wisdom or philosophy you wish to impart in an essay or ethical will, StarMemoirs will help you get it down in writing (or will edit or proofread or otherwise enhance or revise what you have).

Just give us the bare facts, and we write (and/or edit) your bio — clearly, concisely, persuasively, impressively.


Simply use the StarMemoirs “Contact Us” Form (or call us at 757/515-4315) to briefly describe what you need and to attach (on the Form) any pertinent biographical information/writing. (If you’re unsure about what info your bio will require or if you otherwise lack a written record of pertinent memoirs, that’s not a problem. Just submit the form and we’ll later help you determine what we need and how to retrieve whatever recollections/data may be useful.)


We reply promptly via email with a price quote and any questions or suggestions that we may have at that time, as well as simple instructions for payment (via either our online credit card payment form, or PayPal, or check).


Pricing is based on your precise needs and the complexity of your project. In general, rates vary from 1 cents to 5 cents per word, depending upon length of the desired biography. (NOTE: Our rates are even less than 1 cents per word for larger projects!!!) Use the StarMemoirs “Contact Us” Form to get our very best price.


That means we always work with you to make sure that we’re giving you exactly what you want and need — and at a price that’s exactly what you can afford. In other words, our goal is always 100% satisfaction!

We know how to make sure that your story is told the way you want it told. We stick to the facts that you give us. And we normally make it reflect your style so that it will sound like it’s you speaking directly to the reader. We don’t embellish the facts (of course, if you give us facts that are embellished, we’ll write from the facts that we’re given). But, most importantly, our writers are gifted at creating a biography that is in whatever style that YOU want it to be in and in a style that always communicates exactly what you want to tell.


We’ve Joined forces with StarMemoirs to serve all your writing needs!

Even though ShortBios is the only biography writing/editing the solution to how to write your biography, autobiography, or short profilecompany on the Internet especially devoted to writing your short bio of a few paragraphs to a few pages in length, THAT’S NOT ALL WE DO….

… Using the remarkable talents of the StarMemoirs writers and editors, ShortBios has become one of the most respected and most reasonably priced full-service biography writing/editing companies on the Internet, dedicated not only to writing short profiles and bios, promoting yourself, your company or project but also to telling your entire life story!

“From short bios to full-length biographies and memoirs, ShortBios provides every kind of  biography-writing/editing service  for compiling, writing, ghostwriting, revising, editing, and/or proofreading of short, medium and full-size biographies!”

So let us write your biography, write your short bio
— or write your autobiography or write your life story —


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