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Group Bios

Whenever your business, organization, or website needs two or more bios for your employees, staff, board, committee, team, members, clients, band, or any other group, GroupBios is the one to do the job.

Efficient, quick, professional, and economical, GroupBios delivers accurate, high quality bios for any kind of business, organization, or project.

There are three general options for getting a Group Bio, namely a single basic bio, separate bios of each group member, or a single Multi-Bio of the group’s members:

1.) A single bio of the group as a whole, which can be in either of three sizes: Shortest Bio (1/2 page), for $49; Classic Bio (3/4 to 1 page), $89; or Luxury Bio (2 or 3 pages), $149. In addition, one can get both the Shortest Bio and Classic Bio for $25 discount ($113 total); or all 3 sizes of bios for $75 discount of $212.

2.) Separate bios of each member of the group. These are available in the same basic sizes as above (Shortest, Classic, and Luxury).

3.) Our Multi-Bio is a single set of bios of the members of the group, tailored to your specific needs. The average size of each bio within the Multi-Bio is usually between 2-to-4 sentences, though they can be of any size desired.

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