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We Write Musician Bios


MusicianBios is the premier writing service on the Internet devoted exclusively to writing short bios for musicians and the musical entertainment profession.

e write musician bios / music bios – short bios for musicians and other performing artists, and for the performing arts industry.image of star musician in the spotlight Our short musician bios are for anyone in the music, performing arts, and entertainment field, including pop singers, rock singers and rock bands, rappers, DJs, orchestras, opera singers, et cetera, as well as composers, producers, lyricists and song writers, orchestra leaders and managers, and so on.

One of the most frequently asked-for services at ShortBios is for music-related bios, biographies, or profiles (especially band bios). And our team of biographers in the MusicianBios division is familiar with every facet of music production and management, bands, orchestras, songwriting, gigs, and venues as they relate to writing a short bio for musicians and the musical profession.

Why Musicians and Others in the Performing Arts Industry Need Short Bios/Profiles for their Career

short bio for the musician or anyone in the entertainment industry is an absolute necessity. It’s invaluable for publicity, and no one in the field can do without solid publicity. image of star musician in the spotlightIndeed, if you have no other publicity tool, the bio is the one that you can’t do without. A short bio is the way to get performance work. The people who read your bio may well be your next audience members, record-buyers, employer, or even radio producers or judges in your next music competition. The bio can be placed in a program, or a newspaper or magazine events listing, a music festival application, or a concert flyer.

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How Our Team Writes
the Short Music Bio

t MusicianBios, to write your short music bio, we gather the information we need from you. (If you’re not sure what you want in your bio, we’ll help you every step of the way, making sure that we get just what we need to make your bio stand out and outstanding.) Your short bio is going to make you look like a musician who is competent, gifted, and entertaining, weaving together your career history (and making you look good even if your musical performingimage of star musician in the spotlight experience is limited and you’re just starting out).
    Our music bio specialists have the talent with words to take your music experiences, the gigs and venues you’ve played in, and the other singers, rappers, songwriters, bands, or orchestras you’ve worked with, and mix it with information about your particular musical talents and favored musical instruments and techniques and preferences, to form the perfect short bio. Doesn’t matter whether you sing solo or in a group, or write songs or compose the musical score, or manage the band or entertainer or organize the musical event/concert, or coordinate the publicity – whatever you do, we can make a dazzling bio for you. (And our clients rave about the results; see some of our customer endorsements.)

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Tailor-Made Just For You!

he short bio we write for the musician, singer, band, entertainer, producer, or musical event coordinator is never generic. That means it’s custom-made. It won’t sound like a thousand other bios of other musical artists – dull-sounding and sure to scare away anyone who might want to hear them or hire them. Rather, your image of star musician in the spotlightmusicians bio will be your or your band’s very own. It will have your/your band’s own personality. It will resonate with the audiences that you want to reach, and it will make them feel like they know you – and want to listen to your music or hire you for the next gig or other musical event.

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