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We Write
Real Estate Agent Profiles
Realtor Profiles and Bios for Realty/Real Estate Brokerages


RealtorBios is the premier writing service on the Internet devoted exclusively to writing short bios for the real estate profession.

e write realtor bios – short real estate, or realty, profiles or bios for the realty profession. In our ShortBios business, we frequently haveimage of star realtor in the spotlight requests from people in real estate who need a short bio. Our biographers are expert real estate writers who know the realty business well enough to write the highest quality of realtor bios.

Why Realtors Need
Short Realtor Bios/Profiles

    The realtor has many reasons for needing a profile. Often it’s for the website of the real estate company that he/she works for or owns. The short profile or bio introduces the realtor to visitors on the website. Sometimes, the realtor may have his/her own Facebook or other social media site, which requires an About page or summary or profile. At other times, the realtor’s profile might be placed in a pamphlet that is given to potential clients.

The realtor bio is as important as any tool in the real estate agent’s arsenal, for it is through his/her bio that he helps to assure the realtor’s prospect that the realtor is qualified and capable of finding the right home for the prospect and looking out for the interests of image of star realtor in the spotlightthe prospect. Esther, the expert blogger at IDX Central, aptly says that “Every real estate agent needs an arsenal of ways to promote his or herself, and a bio should be at the top of the list.” Marte Cliff has noted how a well-written short realty bio can build trust among the realtor’s prospects, as it shows what sorts of expertise the realtor is going to bring to his/her relationship with the prospect. Also, a professional short real estate bio gives at least a peek into the realtor’s non-professional life, which helps to “let those prospects see that you’re a real person.”

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How We Write
the Real Estate Agent Profile

    At RealtorBios, we get all the information we need to write an outstanding short profile for the realtor. (Indeed, this is a vital step that we devote considerable effort to in every kind of short bio we write, not just for the real estate agent bios.) Often, the realtor has background and experience in the realty profession, though sometimes the person is new to the realty profession, in which case we design the profile to highlight other experience as well as general characteristicsimage of star realtor in the spotlight that add to the impressiveness of the bio. Yet, even when there’s very little background experience, we can pull together basic information about the realtor that can help turn what would otherwise be an unimpressive bio into an outstanding one. Our bio writers are experts at turning sometimes drab words into sparkling ones. And they can write realtor bios that come alive. And our customers are genuinely pleased with the results (see some of our customers’ endorsements).

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Custom-Designed. Never Generic!

    It should go without saying, but it’s never impressive to real estate colleagues or to the realtor’s prospects to be presented with a dull, generic bio that just lists accomplishments and/or general statements about how wonderful the realtor is or how great a deal the realtor can get his/her client. It does no good for a realtor to try to write a few tidbits about himself and fill the rest with generic comments like, “I know the market well, and I’ll get you the house of your dreams.” Or, “I’ve got years of experience showing homes, image of star realtor in the spotlightand I know how to sell real estate.” Such poorly written or overly self-congratulatory bios do nothing but turn off potential prospects.

At RealtorBios, we say that our short realtor bios are “custom-designed” because that’s important. Each bio is truly tailor-made to the particular realtor, highlighting him or her in a way that best utilizes the realtor’s specific traits, qualities, interests, experience, and expertise, even if he or she is new to the real estate business. We find the magic that’s in our clients and produce for them a realtor’s bio that not only will help them sell themselves and their offerings but also will be bios that they can be proud of.

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So if you’re looking for the best short bio for your realty business, and one that’s reasonably priced and conscientiously written, you’ve come to the right place.


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What We Do

We write the short bio or profile — a.k.a. work bio, business bio, personal profile — brief biographies for your business or personal use, for marketing, promoting, or just communicating with friends and family, or for applying for a new job; for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites as well as for your own websites, About pages, introductions, employee documentation, etc.

    A few of our bio specialties:

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Police, Fire and Military Bios . We write police, fireman, and military bios and other bios for the security and emergency services professions

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Realtor Bios . We write realtor bios for real estate newbies, professionals and realty businesses

Teacher Bios . We write bios for teachers, professors, scholars, scientists, and other educators in the academic and scientific communities


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