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ver the years, our Chief Biographer, Steve Berent, and the editorial specialists at ShortBios have done hundreds of biographies — mostly short ones, many longer ones, too — and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We present here in the right-hand column just a few (about 50) of the many compliments we've received from our happy clients after receiving their bio from us. These are unsolicited, quoted verbatim, and unedited. All are from emails sent to us from our customers.

They are presented roughly in order, from most recent (at the top) to older.







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  Wall Street Journal,  March 12, 2013
   "ShortBios is a solid company... [They] produce excellent bios for a diverse base of customers."

  American Bios,  June 2013
   " didn't invent short bios, but there's no one else on the Internet that...produces such high quality bios..."

  more endorsements here







e write the short bio or profile — a.k.a. work bio, business bio, personal profile — brief biographies for your business or personal use, for marketing, promoting, or just communicating with friends and family, or for applying for a new job; for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites as well as for your own websites, About pages, introductions, employee documentation, etc.








he Short Bios we write are for people in just about every imaginable profession and avocation, including realtors, musicians, entertainers, actors, celebrities, producers, artists, photographers, authors, professors, teachers and educators, scholars, scientists, IT techs, politicians and political figures, athletes and sports figures, lawyers, doctors, nurses, medical specialists and healthcare professionals, clergy and religious figures, soldiers, officers and military personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines), security, police, agents, sales reps, secretaries, speakers, managers, board of directors, CEOs, presidents — professionals and entrepreneurs of every sort — as well as just ordinary folks like us writers here at ShortBios.








e also edit and update pre-existing bios and profiles as well as write or edit books, scripts, screenplays, articles, press releases, and other material, short or long. We also offer do-it-yourself bio templates.



     We're not only short bio (and long biography) editors!

     Over the years, we've also acquired a staff that can edit, write, research, critique, market, transcribe, or translate almost any kind of writing, from articles, ebooks, and speeches to books, novels, screenplays, and technical manuals.

     In short, if you need writing or editing, we can do it!  (details).  Also check out our Studionotes Screenwriting Critique.





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"Hey! Thank you for the Bio, I think it is great! I will recommend your services to my colleagues."
  Jesse Rocks, Musician/Producer

"Well done! Thank you very much for a timely completion of the project! Greatly appreciated."
  Emilia Jajus, Visual Artist

"No corrections are needed this is perfect."
  Jennifer Williams, for Derrick Taylor, Restaurant Manager, McDonalds

"Thanks Steve, reads great!"
  Tom Saunders, Cisco Services Product Manager

"All is good, thanks for a great job."
  Tina Henry, Realtor

"Thank you, much appreciate your help and wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year!!"
  Allen Lorenzi, President, ABL Wealth Management, Inc.

"Thank you so much for getting this project done on such short notice. It looks good and I will forward it to my boss."
  Tzuyi Shimizu, Industrial Designer

"Thank you Irwin. Well done."
  Paul Perez, Mayoral Candidate

"Love it!! It makes so much more sense with your wording!! I am excited about it. Thank You."
  Lois Hammond

"I love it , thank you."
  Latoya Cheeks, Realtor

"Wow I would hire me after reading this. I love it."
  Brent Applebaum, Applebaum Realty

"Thank you very much! I'm working on website and I plan to have it up by the time this book gets printed. I will definitely use your services in the future!"
  Rachael de Guevara, Author

"Thanks so much Steve. The professionalism of you and your company are impressive. "
  Greg Nola, for Carlos Lopez, Artist

"I like it"
  Brandon Brisbon, Software Engineer

"Thanks much! Yes this is excellent :) I love it!"
  Suzanne Roberts

"In a few weeks, God willing, my book should be ready in Amazon and Kindle. Thank you so much and again I sure appreciated all of you fine work and your advice."
  Elisa, Author

"Wow - I love it! Thank you Steve. I appreciate your help and will definitely refer others to you. Most importantly I can keep my word that I would provide a bio to my firm by the end of this week!"
  Ann Ray, Lawyer

"That DOES sound better! Thank you! Have a great weekend...I could not have ever written this!"
  Candis Roberts, Hospitality Management

"Steve, Wonderful job and I made a couple of minor changes prior to sending. I'll call for future needs and recommend you to friends & business associates. Thank you very much and I really appreciate your support."
  Jerry Speights

"Thank you Steve! I'll pass around my word about your work for sure to my friends. I was very pleased with your job and I will continue use it in the future as many times need it. Good luck to you and again thank you!!"
  Maylen Santos, State Farm Agent

"He [Rodrigo's son] has to make some changes to his bio page, so he's working on it. As soon as he gets it ready, we'll gladly contact you. We're committed to your service."
  Rodrigo Torres, for Joe Torres

"Steve, I appreciate your business and i will contact you for more writing services in the near future. Thank You."
  Josh Gilbert, Music Producer/Artist

"Thank. You so much. That is well done. Appreciate it."
  Louise VoltaireRegistered Nurse/Preventative Healthcare

"Awesome! Thanks Steve! ...Wow, that was quick. Thank you for such prompt service."
  Wendy Steindl, Intimo Stylist

"Thank you for your expertise - You are not only easy to work with but did a fabulous job - If things work out you will have more than just my business."
  Leonard Nicotri, Emanuelli Productions

"Thanks alooot better!!!! I love it!"
  Natasha Thomas

"Steve: Thank you for you help. You did a great job! A great job!"
  James Regna, Triad Bank

"Steve I received your email. Thanks a bunch for all of your help. I love my BIO, hope others will too."
  Katherine Kimbrough-Ross

"Yes Steve I agree, looks and sounds real good, It Works!, Thanks for all your hard work!"
  Rich Yuhas, Songwriter

"Steve, with the [campaign] articles [written by you] that we have posted for me, it has gotten my opponent's attention."
  Russell Pounds, Political Candidate

"Thank you so much for this Bio. It looks great!"
  Desiree Lwambo

"Looks great thank you."
  James Holets

"Thank you blooms and feels great. I certainly will pass your info on to anyone seeking a Bio."
  Daniel Alessandro, Exec. VP, Gift Box Corp. of America

"I love it! ...Thank you so much!!"
  Deanna Cardenas, Waterford Properties

"Thank you for all your help in putting together my CV. It is just what I needed. If I know of any one who needs your services I will recommend you."
  John Costa, Costa and Associates

"Absolutley stunning Now I can see the light...thank you. We will edit a few things and send a bit more information shortly."
  Yvonne Feemster, writing biography of her husband Herb Feemster, Singer (Peaches and Herb)

"WOW!!!! This is freaking awesome!!! Thank you for capturing the real me. I could not have said it better myself. I will keep you on the circuit for more work that I am sure I will be required to do upon pitching myself. The pleasure has been mine and I thank you for your creative talent!"
  Joanne DelPrete

"Wow steve good job, thanks. Well worth the money I spent. Thank you so much and I will be sure to refer you to others."
  Kacee Clement

"Thanks Steve! It's perfect. I will absolutely refer you any time I get the chance. Thanks a million."
  Curtis Flick, Fitness Coach

"It looks great, I love them. I charge one small part but is just beautiful and I love it. Thank you Steve you are great! and do a great job! Thank you again."
  Queny Villanueva, SavvyBeast Treats LLC

"You did an Awesome job Steve thank you !!"
  Kisha Thomas

"The draft is good with me, it's a huge help I can take it from here. Thank you for all your help and quick turnaround."
  Alfred Mora

"Sorry for my late reply - you did a great job! Thank you! I attach the doc with one correction - I marked the paragraph bold - the rest is perfect. I guess I would have needed three pages to tell the same story. Very well done - thank you!"
  Renate Gmeiner, Quality Assurance Director

"Thank you so much for the amazing service!!!"
  Chris Cordeiro

"This looks good! Thank you very much Steve & have a great weekend!"
  Renee Jalbert

"Hi Steve. I am thankful to God, he gave me you for my novel for editing and all."
  Jalaj Mishra, Author

"Wow, you did an excellent job. Thank you so much. Awesome work. I will be refering you to others."
  Valerie Stichweh


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